Everything you ever wanted to know about the Melville Theatre

The Melville Theatre is located in Saskatchewan's smallest city. Melville has a population of just under 5000 people. To learn more about Melville and Melville businesses, tourism, and community events, click here.

Melville Theatre is the only movie theatre in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. It opened on February 10, 1995. The first movie played in the Melville Theatre was DUMB AND DUMBER starring Jim Carrey. The biggest show (by ticket sales) to date was TITANIC, which was played for a total of four weeks over three separate bookings. Titanic was originally shown on 35mm film on February 20-March 5 and April 24-30, 1998. It was shown again in digital 3D on April 20-26, 2012.

The Melville Theatre is located at 223 Third Avenue West in Melville, Saskatchewan, Canada. Before it was renovated to be a movie theatre, the building was a paint and wallpaper store which carried on business in Melville for many years as City Paint. Melville had no movie theatre at all for a period of approximately 15 years before the Melville Theatre was established. The building that is now the Melville Theatre was vacant for about three years after City Paint closed its doors. Frank Cox purchased the building from its former owners in October 1994.

There is one screen, 153 seats and two wheelchair spaces. Yes, the Melville Theatre is wheelchair accessible! There are generally one or two shows per night, seven nights per week, and Saturday and Sunday afternoon matinees when appropriate movies are available. To find out what's currently playing and what's coming to the Melville Theatre, click here.

The Theatre is closed only two days per year, Christmas Eve and Christmas Day, December 24 and 25. Open all other days including holidays.

The Melville Theatre used industry standard 35mm film until March 31, 2011. The last movie played on 35mm film was JUSTIN BIEBER: NEVER SAY NEVER. The theatre then closed for a period of one week (the only time it had been closed for an entire week since the day it originally opened) for the installation of new digital cinema equipment and a new surround sound system. It re-opened on April 8, 2011 as the first digital cinema in the Parkland region. The first digital 3D movie played at the Melville Theatre was MARS NEEDS MOMS.

The Melville Theatre closed on March 16, 2020 due to the coronavirus pandemic. The movie that was last played at the time of the closure was MY SPY. Approximately three and one-half months later, on July 3, 2020, the theatre re-opened, and the first movie played upon re-opening was TROLLS WORLD TOUR.

The Melville Theatre continues in business today, showing a movie every night just like it always has.

The Melville Theatre is an independent movie theatre. It is not part of any chain, and is owned and operated by Frank Cox.